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100% Vegan Food


Did you think veganism was simply a California or New York affair? Think again. Just near you, Red Tent Ethiopia serves delicious, meatless dishes, because that is Veganism also has its roots in traditional Ethiopian cuisine!

In Red Tent Ethiopia, exit forks and knives! We come to you in the market near your home, so don’t deny yourself the luxury to enjoy Ethiopian vegan food at an affordable price.

We proud ourselves with bringing a tradition from the Horn of Africa in sharing exclusive and tasty, healthy and delicious vegan food. The only place in London where gourmet food made with the highest quality and flavour, prepared, and presented in an artful manner meets you on the market street.

If you are looking for an exclusive vegan food, go out of your way to discover the unique atmosphere of Red Tent Ethiopia’s menus while enjoying exquisite vegan dishes or delicacies.

our story

My name is Helen, the owner of Red Tent Ethiopia.

Back in Ethiopia, it has been a custom for our forefathers to use tents to eat fast-food dishes. Starting Red Tent Ethiopia was a way to honour and share our family dishes with the world.

Did you know that, in Ethiopia, there is a fasting period where people’s meals include no meat, no dairy or anything like that, but instead, everyone goes essentially vegan? This means that almost every restaurant offers a fasting not to say vegan menu during this period, and the food is always amazing. So, through Red Tent Ethiopia, you can enjoy the same variety of food at an affordable price across London.

Red Tent Ethiopia ensures that, every vegan dish is given the time it needs for the herbs and spices to mark the personal fingerprint of Ethiopian exquisite cuisine.

As a family restaurant-size, even under a tent, Red Tent Ethiopia’s signature vegan food is fresh, all-plant based and marinated with some secret family mix of Ethiopian spices and herbs to keep the taste real and to give you the experience of home-made Ethiopian vegan food.


Most people believe that vegan food is quite expensive. Coming to you, Red Tent Ethiopia offers vegan food in markets to allow you to get affordable high quality vegan food.

Our prices do not alter our quality!

We operate in over five London markets, and we welcome you to try our street food.

Don’t let someone tell you, taste Red Tent Ethiopia’s food for yourself!

Where can you find us?

Present in the business for 12 years, we have served local communities in East London, and
we are present in different markets around the London area.

If you want to sit and chat with us, you can also visit our café in Charlton.

Do you have an event or you want to impress your guests with vegan dishes, do not hesitate
to contact us for more information.